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Banzai Chicks are here to promote girl supremacy by helping to decide the debate on girls are better than boys. Girls and boys are born into the world on equal footing, but the differences on how they are taught by society put girls at a disadvantage. Girls are taught to be demure, nurture their motherly instincts with dolls while boys are encouraged to be assertive, fight with toy guns and construct toy buildings. Banzai Chicks are here to even the score, encouraging girls to be strong and outspoken, embrace the martial arts and fight for their dreams. By doing so, girls can rival boys and even surpass them!

The story of Banzai Chicks begins when they are little girls. They are each summoned to the mysterious Lychee Temple in Asia by their animal counterparts and trained there in martial arts until they are grown up. Here they learn about life and are taught to develop their mind, body and spirit to the fullest potential.

As adult female heroines, Banzai Chicks return to the world to do good. Banzai Chicks fight evil-doers that try to steal, hurt and wreak havoc. Each Banzai Chick uses their special martial arts skill to defeat the bad guys, assisted by their faithful animal mascot.

When the foe is vanquished, the Banzai Chick touches him with the "Touch of Truth" and heals their woes. The evil-doer sees the good within himself and changes his hurtful ways and becomes a good citizen.

A Banzai Chick helps people and is sensitive to the feelings of others. She spreads her happiness to the world around her.