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Sandra is the creator of Banzai Chicks. She has combined her love of illustration, graphic design and martial arts into this Girl Empowerment brand.

Sandra was first inspired by David and Goliath's Stupid Tee Factory and later, Tokidoki. Finding the Tokidoki tank tops to be too expensive, Sandra decided to make her own cute characters. She is currently producing the t-shirts herself and handmaking all the jewelry. Husbands are not useful when it comes to manufacturing jewelry and her two dogs, Ripley and Freckles, cannot manipulate the production with their paws. She is open to broadening her horizon by licensing her Banzai Chicks artwork to other products. Please contact her at if you are interested.

Sandra's merchandise is also available for resale at wholesale prices. Please contact her for prices and more information.

Sandra began her career drawing and self-publishing comics. She also loves painting fantasy artwork, mermaids, fairies and heroic knights. She uses Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and Corel Painter. When she is not doing art, she trains in kung fu with a 32nd Generation Shaolin Monk in Las Vegas. She has a 2nd degree black belt in Ju Jitsu, a 1st degree black sash in Northern Eagle claw and Certificates in Traditional Kung Fu and Traditional Kung Fu Weapons. Sandra also enjoys training her dogs in Dog Agility and Canine Freestyle (a new fad where the dog learns to dance with his owner to music).

A Banzai Chick doesn't feel entitled to things she doesn't deserve, she earns everything she gets.