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Each Banzai Chicks Heroine is skilled at martial arts and exhibit different personalities and talents. They inspire girls to achieve their dreams through dedication and hard work since being the best at anything is not easy. Banzai Chicks strive to be positive role models for girls.

Izumi the geisha girl. Izumi is the problem solver of the Banzai Chicks. Izumi's forte is double daggers and spinning needles. They are easily hidden in the sleeves of her kimono. She is the most quiet member of the group, but cunning and shrewd. She is self-disciplined and the best at planning strategy. Her sense of humor is very dry. Madison the Steampunk Girl.Madison's expertise is the meteor hammer (whip chain and spiked ball). She is very knowlegeable and well-read and great at fixing mechanical things. She is introverted and reserved with a quirky sense of humor. Aisha the Leather Girl. Aisha is the expert at double broadsword. She is sultry, smart and confident and good at motivating others. She speaks her mind and pays attention to detail. She has a wry sense of humor. Penelope the Gothic Lolita. Penelope's weapon of choice is the bladed fan. She is sweet and the most compassionate Banzai Chick. She is kind and nuturing and is the best at settling disputes. She likes the limelight and has a witty sense of humor. Mika the Punk Girl. Mika's weapon of choice are the deerhorn knives. She is independent, rebellious and spontaneous. She is always happy and her good cheer is contagious. She has a goofy sense of humor. RIcochet the Army Girl. Richochet is the ballistics expert. Ricochet is boisterous, courageous, straight forward and is known to be brash. She will go out on a limb for her fellow companions and is a great team player. She has a dry sense of humor. Coco the School Girl. Coco's expertise is the nunchaku. She is the natural born leader, she makes good snap decisions, delegates well and always takes responsibility. She is talkative, a go-getter and makes witty light-hearted remarks.

A Banzai Chick works hard in school. She always does her homework.