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Banzai Chicks Chibis represent the Heroines when they were little. Chibi Girls are impressionable at a young age and they are trained in martial arts at the Lychee Temple. There they discover and develop their other talents and learn about life, morals and philosophy.

Izumi the geisha girl. Izumi is the problem solver of the Banzai Chicks. Izumi was studying to be a geisha at the Geiko House in Japan when Bandit the Raccoon convinced her to go to the Lichee Temple to study martial arts. She likes writing music and plays the saxophone. Madison the Steampunk Girl. Madison is the book smart, most intelligent member of the Banzai Chicks. She is hispanic and her father was an engineer and her mother a scientist. The chinchillas, Nutmeg and Buttercup convinced her to come away with them to the Lichee Temple. She likes science and math and building steampunk gadgets. Aisha the Leather Girl. Aisha is the most outspoken member of the Banzai Chicks. Aisha is from a successful African American family, her father is a lawyer and her mother is an accountant. Mr. Pook the Tabby Cat whisked her away to the Lichee Temple to train. Aisha loves Photography. Penelope the Gothic Lolita. Penelope is the most feminine and sensitive member of the Banzai Chicks. She was originally from a showbiz family before being ushered by Snowball the Bunny to the Lichee Temple to learn kung fu. Penny loves singing and dancing. Mika the Punk Girl. MIka is the cheerful positive one out of the Banzai Chicks. She was originally from China and adopted by American Parents. Freckles the Australian Shepherd convinced her to learn kung fu at the Lichee Temple. She loves painting people and animals. RIcochet the Army Girl. Ricochet is the tomboy of the Banzai Chicks. Ricochet's family worked for the military and lived overseas in army bases. Bazooks the Bulldog persuaded Ricochet to go to the Lichee Temple to study martial arts. She excels at sports, especially football. Coco the School Girl. Coco is the leader of the Banzai Girls. She is skilled at kung fu. As a child, she was away at boarding school when Oreo the Panda found her. She was taken to the Lichee Temple to train. Coco loves writing. She often makes up stories about her and her friends.

A Banzai Chick respects her elders. She listens to her parents.